How to find your IMEI number - and what providers MAY tell you...

For any orders shipped after April 1st, you can find your IMEI number printed on a label on the modem module.  The IMEI number is the first number.  It can also be found on the router box label marked IMEI.

If you don't have a label, you can find the IMEI number in the Config (geeky) section, under Status near the bottom of the page.


What the providers might tell you...

Now that you found the IMEI, you'll give that to your provider and there's a good chance they'll say: "That device isn't compatible" or something along those lines.  

This is because we do not have the ability to upload our IMEI database to the providers yet.  There seems to be a very large amount of red tape and hoops that need jumping through in order to accomplish this, and we have pulled out our red tape scissors and jumping shoes to start the process.  We're not sure how long it will take to finish this journey, but we have started off...

That being said, it also seems the providers have some flexibility in this area. Depending on what type of representative you talk to, if you find a helpful representative, we have heard reports of them recording your IMEI number in your account and activating the SIM card without any issues whatsoever.   Unfortunately, we have also heard reports of unhelpful reps that simply say 'sorry' and that's it.

The modem module we are using, the Quectel EM12g (4g) and the RM502Q-AE (5G) has been approved to operate on the major US carriers, so as far as hardware goes, we comply.

Feel free to use this KB article and reference it to any provider that wonders about the Insty Connect.

Also, providers, if you're here and reading, we'd love to be able to work with you and cut through the red tape so our growing customer base can activate their sim card on your network.  If you can pass this message on up to your supervisors or those in charge of new hardware relations, we'd love to talk to you!

How most Insty Connect users are getting connected.

Most users will activate a different or older device (like an old cell phone) on their carrier, remove the sim and insert it into the Insty Connect.  This is working with all major carriers in the US.  Some customer service representatives of the major carries have suggested this to our customers, so we are relaying the info to you as well. 

The key is to use a device that is fully owned by you.  If the device is given to you or you have an installment plan on the device, the carrier can lock the SIM to the device itself since they "own" the device.

To re-iterate, as we are working with the major providers, the easiest way to get online with a provider is to use a different device (an old device that is compatible with their network, phone, hotspot, etc), activate the account, test that it's working in the device and then move the SIM into the Insty Connect.

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