Wordpress Login Brute Force Attempts - PLEASE (Reported)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Srv105
  • There has been an increased level of WP Login brute force attempts on the server today. 

    This looks to be a DDOS type of attack on WP sites, which is causing intermittent performance issues with the server.

    At this time, there isn't any indication that an attack has been successful.

    As part of our security meausures, we have implemented a temporary 2 stage password process for any wp login pages.  This will essentially stop all malicious traffic from attempting to log in and gain access to your sites.

    This 2 stage password window will say "Authentication Required"

    The password information for this window is:

    u: instyme
    p: instyme

    You will then see your standard WP login screen and be able to log in with your normal WP login username and password.

    You can also bypass the 2 stage lockout by using the wp-admin login buttons from your Insty.client area, in the Insty.wordpress panel.

    If you have any troubles, please contact support and we'll be happy to help.

    Thanks for your patience as we work hard to ensure that your sites are secure.

  • Date - 03/26/2017 13:55
  • Last Updated - 03/26/2017 14:01

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