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* ONLINE COURSE - Incredibly Successful Website Course 16

START HERE - Learn everything about Insty and how to have an Incredibly Successful Site

*Insty Pages - Our drag and drop website builder 32

Build Better! - How to use the all-new Insty builder

*Insty Wordpress 9

How to build, great info, and more!

*Insty.engage Email Marketing 21

(Insty.mailer) Setting up your Insty.engage email marketing

Advanced Hosting 4

More advanced tips and tricks

Domain Names 12

Transferring your Domain names to, etc.

Everything about cPanel 33

Great tutorials on how to use cPanel

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions 29

Have a question?? LOOK HERE FIRST! Marketing Academy 5

Tips, tricks and training to get visitors to knock down the doors of your sites!

Our Recommendations 3

The best of the best for your websites. Check here if you need anything.

Partners & Affiliates Section 12

Everything you need when you're a partner with

Reseller Accounts 29

Managing your Reseller account

SSL Certificates 1

Information on how to purchase and install SSL Certificates on your site.

Website Maintenance and Upkeep 6

Tips and recommendations for keeping your site safe, up-to-date, and secure

Websites 1

Information about your hosting account and websites

Working with Wordpress 53

Helpful articles to get the most from your Wordpress site

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 Where do I find my nameservers?

Your nameservers were sent to you in an email marked "Welcome to, Getting Started Info...