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Wordpress - Is someone brute forcing your site? - Take action here

In the last few months, Wordpress sites have been the target of increasing attempts at gaining access to websites.  

These attempts are called brute-force attempts, as the attacker is trying to gain access to your site by continually trying usernames and passwords on your site.  This is done by using a software tool that can try hundreds or thousands of combinations per second on your Wordpress site.

This type of attack can cause damage to both your site and our servers.

During this attack, the multiple hits to your sites causes a very big strain to the servers.  This could cause any other sites in your account to not have enough resources to display properly.

If the attackers gain access to your site, they will usually inject a code that will allow them to use your site for their purposes. 

Either way, it's not good for both of us!

So, please take the time now to ensure your site is properly guarded from these attacks.

The best thing you can do is install a Wordpress security plugin.

We at Insty.me recommend Wordfence Security as a great, free plugin that will thwart most attempts at access to your site.

Installation is easy, just navigate to your plugins section inside the Wordpress admin, and search for Wordfence Security.  Install the plugin.

The default options are usually enough to guard your site from most attacking attempts.


We want to make sure everyone has a plesant experience here at Insty.me, so if your site continually exceeds the resources by being a target of these attacking attempts, it may have to be shut down by our tech department.  If this occurs on your site, we will usually let you know via email, but if there is ever a time where your site is causing considerable resource drains to the server, it may have to be shut down immediately.  

So please be sure to take the steps here to ensure your Wordpress site is protected.

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