Insty Connect Products

5G - 15 foot USB A to C Data Cable (003)

USB A male to USB C Male for Insty Connect 5g

4G - Binoculars (2x2 MIMO) Antenna

2 Antenna Binoculars for the Insty Connect 4G.

4G - USB A to A Data Cable

15 foot USB A Male to USB A Female Data Cable for the Insty Connect 4G

5G - 15 foot Extension USB C to C

15 foot USB C female to USB C male extension cable.

5G - 15 foot USB A to C Data Cable
5G - 30 Foot USB A to C Cable for 5G (005)

30 Foot USB Cable for Insty Connect 5G system.
(will not work for 4g system)

5G - Binoculars (4x4 MIMO) Antenna

Binoculars Antenna array for Insty Connect 5g.
(will not work with Insty Connect 4G)

Mount Post

Insty Connect Mount Post for
- Insty Connect 4G Angel Wings
- Insty Connect 5G CloudWings

4G - Binoculars Upgrade to 5G 4x4 MIMO

4G Binoculars Upgrade Kit. Includes 2 additional antenna lobes and mounting bracked to upgrade your 2x2 mimo binoculars to the 4x4 5G Binoculars.