Insty Connect UPDATE - How to know if your Insty Connect is up to date

Latest Update Version: InstyConnect v1.3 2023_02_21u

Current Firmware is 1.3.  If you have a previous firmware version, see below to flash your Insty Connect:

When a flash firmware is applied, the following is important to note:

a.) The new firmware will clear out your current configuration.  You'll have to run the setup process again when the firmware completes.
b.) Please allow for 20-30 minutes of time to download, flash and re-setup the router.

To run the update and flash the router, do the following:

1.) You'll NEED a good connection as it will download a full firmware file to the router.  If you have a good connection, click the 'Software Update' button.  It may take up to 5 minutes to download.
2.) Near the end of the software update, instructions will appear if the firmware file downloaded successfully.  If it did not, try to run the update button again until you see the instructions message.
3.) If you get a message about the patch update failing, you can ignore that message
4.) DO NOT REBOOT after the update.  Follow the instructions and run the Software Update again to flash the router.
5.) When the flash is running, after about 5 minutes, do a wifi scan on your device and wait for the insty_connect_setup wifi to appear.  When it does, attempt to connect and run the setup wizard.
6.) When you finish the setup wizard, run the Software Update one more time to verify that the version is in line with the latest above.

If you have any questions or troubles, please let us know.


To tell if you are up to date, head into the Config (Geeky) and under Status -> Overview, look for the Firmware Version.


How to do a software update.

1.) Log into the dashboard of the Insty Connect system by going to http://my.insty or in your web browser.

2.) Scroll down to the blue buttons and click on the 'Software Update' button:

3.) You will need to login to the router, then click the 'Run Software Update' button

4.) Follow the on screen instructions.



Release Notes:

2023-02-21: Added additional settings for X62 modem, improvements to the band scan and lock system for 5g, improved SIM switch speed, misc bug fixes. 

2022-11-28: Added Speedtest Widget back to the dashboard.  Added IMEI to status page.

2022-11-21: Added a fix to disable Multi-Internet functionality from within the Multi-Internet Configuration button on the dashboard.

2022-11-08: Firmware Flash 1.3 applies the following fixes and updates:

  • Automated SIM recognition and setup
  • Multi-Internet Capability, load balance and failover multiple WAN connections
  • Updated band scanning system
  • Multi-modem Functionality, ability to add a second wings 
  • Changed LAN Subnet from to to avoid conflict with other WAN connections like Starlink, Etc.
  • Added a 'Dummy' ip of to the router as a means of contacting the router for backwards compatibility.

2022-09-01: Add InstyLink Silver and Pink SIM profiles.

2022-08-02: Fix for server 500 errors in the band scan and lock page.  

2022-06-22: Minor changes for band lists in band scan and lock

2022-03-23: Firmware Flash 1.2.2 applies the following fixes:

  • New Wifi as WAN system - Travelmate
  • IPV6 Functionality for stand alone 5g bands.  New option in Sim Profile 'Advanced' tab to select IPV4 or IPV6 networks.
  • Full Spectrum channel and band scanning beta
  • 5g band locking beta for stand alone networks (only available for T-Mobile in the US)
  • Added new cellular providers, FirstNet and InstyLink to the sim profile

2021-12-31u: Minor changes.

2021-11-02f: Re-enabled hardware offloading for 5g, added roaming bands for T-Mobile

2021-09-20f: Firmware flash 1.2.1 with Insty Secure VPN beta

2021-09-08u: Hotspot manager fix

2021-08-31u: Band algorithm changes for better speeds, and 5g rollout preparations.

2021-08-20u: Wifi Enhancement & Additional preparations for 5g rollout.

2021-08-18u: Software fix for mis-reading SIM IMSI numbers.  In some cases, a SIM IMSI was reported as '3' instead of the 15 digit IMSI.  Additional preparations for 5g rollout.

2021-07-28f: New Insty Connect v1.2 firmware.  New modem device drivers for preparation of 5g modem as well as connection stability.  Based on the latest OpenWRT 19.07.7

2021-07-14: Minor changes.

2021-07-01: LTE Reconnect adjustments added.

2021-06-14: Connectivity adjustments for At&t, Verizon and T-Mobile.

2021-06-08: Added additional roaming bands for Sprint band scan and lock.  

2021-06-03: Preparations for Insty VPN added.  

2021-05-12: Added Provider listing for Sprint. 

2021-05-06 : Connectivity update patch for some third party providers, as well as a major update to the band scan and lock feature.  

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