*Page Builder 12

Tips and tricks on how to use the drag and drop page builder.

Blogging 2

Blogging with the all-new Insty system

eCommerce 3

Creating your online store

Membership 1

Membership pages with Insty

Scheduling 1

How to add a Scheduling application to your Insty.pages website

Wordpress 1

Linking between the Insty.pages builder and Wordpress


 How to Login to Insty.pages

1.) Login to the Insty client area and select the hosting account from 'Your Insty Hosting...

 Insty.pages Tutorial

Overview video on how to use the Insty.pages system.

 Configuring your Insty.pages site - SETTINGS

Configuring the site settings on your insty.pages website. Name, address, social links, and more.

 Create your first blog post with the Insty.pages builder

How to create your first blog post with the all-new insty website builder.

 Advanced - making changes to the Blog Templates and the Blog Listing pages

How you can make your blog look the way you want to by making changes to the blog listing and the...

 Opt-in Forms - building custom Opt ins and Contact forms

Using the form builder to create custom opt-in and contact forms.

 Membership - creating your first membership page

Creating a membership page is simple. Check out this video on how you can lock down your pages so...

 Wordpress along side Insty.pages

How you can install Wordpress right along side your Insty.pages site, so you can have the best of...

 eCommerce - creating your first product

Using the all-new insty.pages to create our first eCommerce product.

 Not seeing your Insty.pages update after publishing? Click here!

If you don't happen to see your latest Insty.pages update, you may have to do a hard-refresh on...