Welcome to the Insty family!

We're so glad to have you as a customer.  We put together a quick video to show you around:

1.) The Insty Client Area.

Your main point of access to your Insty account is through the Client area.  To login to the client area, use the email address and the password that you used when signing up for your account.  It was also sent to you via email right after you created your website order.  

2.) Your Website!

If you purchased a domain in the ordering process: 

We love doing the hard work for you, that's why when you first signed up with Insty.me, we created your very own Wordpress website for you.  It's up and running as we speak.

If you brought your own domain name with you to Insty:
You will have to change the nameservers on your domain before you will be able to see your Insty.me website that we built for you, and before you'll be able to use the Insty.me tools.  After you change your name servers, the domain changes have to propagate throughout the internet before they become live.  This can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days.

Coming from another host? Transferring your sites is easy!  Just checkout this KB article here for more information.

We installed Wordpress for you automatically when you signed up.  We have many great articles to help you as you are working with your Wordpress site.  Please visit the Working With Wordpress Knowledgebase section here.

3.) Your Insty.me Marketing Tools

Excited to get going with the awesome tools we provide?  We're glad to hear it!  

The Insty.engage Email Marketing
software was installed for you as soon as you became an Insty.me member.  Like the website above, you may not be able to see it until your domain 'propagates' thru the internet.  The URL and login information was sent in the welcome email.  There are a few things we need to have you setup before you can begin working with the InstyMailer system, and we will get into that in more detail in the InstyMailer Knowledgebase Section here.

4.) Help is never far away

At Insty.me, we want to make every aspect of your online journey as easy as possible.  That's why we've included many video and text tutorials to guide you in our extensive knowledgebase.

Be sure to search the Knowledgebase, and check the FAQ section before filling in a support ticket.  Chances are you will be able to find your answer quickly!

If you have a problem that requires more attention, you can fill out a support ticket request by using the form located at our support helpdesk. 

Immediately after you submit your support ticket, you will receive an email confirming your ticket and that it has been added to our 24/7 support queue.  If you don't happen to get this email from us, we didn't receive your ticket, so please try again.

Our administrators are on 24/7 making sure your sites work the way they are supposed to.

We do have a couple suggestions for using the support ticket system:

  1. Only submit one ticket per problem/question.  If multiple submissions come in for the same issue, it will slow down our response time considerably.
  2. Always be sure to include your primary domain name, username, and as much information as possible to help us.  If a login or password is required to see the problem you are having, please include this in your support ticket as well.  The more information you can provide, the faster we can help you.

5.) Insty.me Billing

You will be billed monthly automatically through our secure credit card merchant system.  If at any time, we cannot process your monthly payment, we will send a couple invoice reminders to make sure you have enough time to pay the bill before any site downtime.  Please ensure that you keep your credit card information current in the Insty.me client area at all times.  If your bill is not paid in a timely manner, we will try to alert you with some emails.  If we still don't hear back from you, your account may be suspended or terminated, so be sure to be on the lookout for any emails from us.

If you would like to cancel, upgrade, update information, get SSL certificates, IP Addresses or any other Insty.me addons, you can find all you need in your client section here.

That's about it!  Simple huh?  That's what we love here at Insty!

Thanks, and welcome to the Insty family!