Amazon SES is the sending 'engine' in our Insty Mailer platform.  It allows you have the best mailer platform in the industry - giving you enterprise class deliverablity for only pennies per month.

With's exclusive enterprise link technology, we provide an awesome mailing platform that allows you to store all of your followers and subscribers in one easy to use platform.  When you are ready to send email to your followers, our system automatically links to Amazon's enterprise servers and sends your mail with the power of Amazon behind it.  This ensures your email will have the best chance at hitting the inbox so your followers can see and read your email.

With our special relationship with Amazon, you can send mail at huge discount compared to any other email provider.  There is a small fee for using Amazon, which is outlined below:

First 2,000 emails per day - Free
Email sends over 2,000 per day - 10 cents per 1,000 emails

This fee is billed to the credit card you entered when signing up with the Amazon AWS platform on a monthly basis.

It's easy to get started.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below to create an Amazon AWS account.  This accout is different than an Amazon 'shopping' account, but can use the same email as your shopping account if you have one.

1.) Navigate to the Amazon SES Signup Page

Click this link: (Will open a new window):

You will see this screen:

Choose the "I am a new user" selection and enter your email address in the box.

Then click "Sign In".



2.) Create your Login Account

Fill in your name, and email address twice.  Then choose a password.




3.)  Fill In Your Contact Information

Fill in the contact information on this screen:


4.) Enter your Credit Card Information

Fill in your card type, card number, and the name as written on the card.  Your card will only be billed if you incur any charges.  Please see the beginning of this article for fees related to Amazon SES.  Most Insty users won't incur any fees as they stay within the free usage tier.



5.) Verify Your Phone Number

Amazon will call the phone number you used in step 3.  An automated system will ask for the pin number shown on the screen. Enter this pin and Amazon will automatically move you to the next screen.



6.) Choose your AWS Support Plan

Choose the Basic (Free) AWS Support Plan.



7.)  Your AWS Account is now Setup.  Now, login to the AWS Management Console

On the finished screen, choose "Launch the AWS Management Console"

Sign in with the credentials you created above.


8.) Get your AWS Secure Keys.

Next, we will get the secure keys we need to enter into the Insty.mailer system.

From the SES Dashboard, click on your name at the top right hand of the screen, and choose Security Credentials.


If you see the following screen, choose 'Continue to Security Credentials"


Once inside, click on Access Keys, and "Create New Access Key"


- Your Access key will be created.  Click on the "Show Access Key" to see your key.

** NOTE ** You will want to copy this key and secret key to a safe location.  You may also want to download the key file because you won't be able to see this key again in the website.

Copy this key ID and secret access key as we will be using it for the next section.



You're Ready To Move On To Configuring Insty.Mailer for First Use!